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Understanding Mathematics.
A study guide by Peter Alfeld

In my opinion, this is one of the most useful websites on the web. If taken to heart, the advice can prevent much fruitless, unnecessary and wasted effort by those studying Mathematics.  I have taught some Mathematics and find that  a few children/students  rush  (or are pushed!) ahead when learning  this subject and neglect to properly learn the earlier concepts. This problem can occur at all the different levels (ages) in which Mathematics teaching takes place. Professor W. Clark has written two invaluable books (recommended by Peter Alfeld) Math Overboard  (Parts 1 and 2). In these books he describes a very important teaching experience. He found that a number of his students had problems when learning Calculus, which were due to earlier stages of Mathematics not being learned properly. The increased competitiveness of present-day society has made this situation a lot worse.                                                                   


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