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The Arrowsmith Program

The Arrowsmith Program is a program dedicated to strengthening the learning capacity of students and individuals with learning difficulties. The Arrowsmith Program has been in operation for over 35 years and is currently offered in 50 schools across 4 countries.

The assessment that Arrowsmith does is done at the time of enrollment. Each site that offers the program handles their own assessments and enrollment process.

Students, individually, could contact
Arrowsmith if they were interested in being assessed or possibly enrolling in a program.

Creating Awareness for the Arrowsmith Program at Your School

Parents and community members have been excellent advocates in bringing the Arrowsmith Program to their child’s school or community. Arrowsmith has an Advocacy Guide which provides suggestions and information for this dialogue.
Click here to download in pdf format our Parent Advocacy Guide. Arrowsmith is very interested in speaking with school administrators to discuss the implementation guidelines.

Another helpful introduction to the Arrowsmith Program is the video that is on the Arrowsmith home page at

Please find here a link to a booklet for educators and school administrators which provides further information about implementation.
Click here to download in pdf format our Information Brochure.

For further reading about Arrowsmith, please read
The Woman Who Changed Her Brain, authored by Barbara Arrowsmith-Young. In addition, Brain School by Howard Eaton and Chapter 2 of the book The Brain that Changes Itself by Dr. Norman Doidge highlight the Arrowsmith Program highlight the Arrowsmith Program and recount the changes experienced by individuals involved in the program.

More details on these books can be found on the Arrowsmith website at:


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