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Edel Lancashire

Edel Marie Lancashire, "The Novels of Meng Yao, " AUMLA.
Journal of the Australasian Universities Language & Literature Association, No.14. November, 1979.

Meng Yao, "Talk of the Town," translated by Edel M. Lancashire
Minerva Press, London, 1997.

The Unbroken Chain. An Anthology of Taiwan Fiction Since 1926 ...
journals.cambridge.org/article_S0305741000017288by E Lancashire - 1984
contribution it makes to our understanding of modern Chinese literature as it has emerged in Taiwan. EDEL LANCASHIRE. The Cambridge Encyclopedia of ...

Research Unit on Taiwanese Culture and Literature
www.ruhr-uni-bochum.de/oaw/slc/taiwan/publications.html24 Aug 2010 Research Unit on Taiwanese Culture and Literature ... His poems are full of Buddhist allusions which have earned him the nickname ... ???????? ?« ??»?«??»?«????»(2001); Edel Marie Lancashire (U.K.): ...

general literary studies 1
mclc.osu.edu/rc/studbib.htm"All the Feelings That Are Fit to Print: The Community of Sentiment and the Literary ...... Korean, and Taiwanese Transculturations of Japanese Literature. ...... Lancashire, Edel Marie. Concord and Discord in the World of Literature in ...

The Lock of the Heart Controversy in Taiwan, 1962-63: A Question ...
www.jstor.org/stable/653967by E Lancashire - 1985 - Cited by 2 - Related articles

See Edel Lancashire, "Popeye and the case of Guo Yidong alias Bo Yang," The ... See E. M. Lancashire, "Concord and discord in the world of literature in Taiwan : a .... Even if they are able to escape the censure of other people, they cannot ...

Popeye and the Case of Guo Yidong, Alias Bo Yang
www.jstor.org/stable/653683by E Lancashire - 1982 - Cited by 3 - Related articles

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