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Working with the Dropbox

Screenshot 1

Here above is a screenshot of what you should see when you click on the Duncan Resources link I sent you.

You should then click (at the bottom) on

Somewhere 2 Sing Member
Shared with Dropbox

...........Which will take you to the next screenshot 2 which is a photo of Duncan's Dropbox on his computer

Screenshot 2

Here above is a photo of Duncan's Dropbox on his own computer.

Screenshot 2A

Here above is the same screen 2 as before except I want you to notice the
three dots ... at the top of the screen on the right hand side. When you see this on your iPad, I want you to click on the three dots which will take you to the next screenshot 3

Screenshot 3

Here above is again a screenshot of Duncan's dropbox prepared to save its files to your own Dropbox.

Click on 'Save to the Dropbox'. Note this refers to your Dropbox on your iPad (assuming of course that your Dropbox has been properly installed on your iPad)

Now on my Dropbox I created a new folder called '
Choir' ready to receive the choir stuff from Duncan's Dropbox. I feel this is a bit too much to try and teach you this at this stage so please leave that step for the moment

Screenshot 4

This (above) is a photo of
my Dropbox. The tick next to the Choir folder means it has been selected and will receive the resources from Duncan's Dropbox when I click save. On your Dropbox (without the Choir folder) I predict that the tick will be next to your Dropbox if it is there at all!.

click Save and Duncan's resources will automatically download to your Dropbox.

Screenshot 5

If you look above to
screenshot 5 you will see some files, only the .pdf file when clicked will give a page of sheet music visible on your screen. The other files are music files and nothing will happen if you click on them.

To hear the sound you need another App called
MIDI Score.

Go again to the
App Store and locate the search box (top right of screen) and type 'MIDI score' in this search box and obtain this App.

Choose suitable
login words (a user name and password) if asked.

Hopefully more later.

Good Luck to anyone following this!

Mark Alder

Version: 17th October 2016


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