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Industrialised Humanity:
Why and how we should care for one another?

This book is 713 pages

What kinds of human suffering constitute illness? What is the difference between ‘dis-ease’ and ‘disease’? What does ‘diagnosis’ mean? What are its limitations? Can it be harmful?

What are the roles of art and science in understanding others? What is the difference between treatment and healing? What do other people want and need? How do we (think we) know? Who decides? How? And amidst all this what is the role of our personal agency, both within and between us? How is this addressed in any public provision of healthcare?

These are the kinds of questions addressed in this remarkable wide-ranging anthology. Written by a frontline medical practitioner over several decades, the explorations are philosophically spirited rather than academically conventioned.

The many ideas are brought to life in a way that will engage any open-minded reader: vivid, authentic vignettes are carried by language of precision, poetry and imagination.

The anthology is offered in this complete large single volume, or in three separate smaller volumes.

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About the Author

David Zigmond initially trained in Medicine in the 1960s.

For several decades he has worked in the NHS as a small-practice GP, and as a large hospital psychiatrist and psychotherapist.

Alongside these he has maintained a practice as a private psychotherapist.

From these long tenures he has explored the nature and importance of relationships, imagination and personal meaning throughout healthcare. These have fuelled and guided his view and practice of holistic medicine.

His long-spanned teaching and writing have been committed to develop and secure these values.

He helped launch the
British Holistic Medical Association in the 1980s and has remained active in developing this approach.

This book contains many of his contributions.

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Version: 24th September 2015

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