Letters, chronologised


[70] Our crisis in General Practice will need much more than money
Letter to The Times, October 2017


[69] Our gaping, gasping health service. Governance v dissidence. How best to compromise? When best to submit?
Letter to NHS colleagues and managers, October 2017

[68] ‘Care Navigators’? So what happened to Family Doctors?
Letter to the Daily Mail, September 2017

[67] Modern Slavery: how do we separate expedient economy from our human nature?
Letter to Evening Standard, September 2017

[66] Our NHS follies and conundrums. Are you distressed? Perplexed? Recent history has much to teach us,
Letter to NHS colleagues and managers, August 2017

[65] Vocation or corporation? Competence or compliance?, The managed asphyxiation of healthcare morale
Letter to NHS colleagues, June 2017

[64] The NHS needs human sense as much as money and systems
Letter to the Guardian, May 2017

[63] Government may like giant GP practices, but what about the rest of us?
Letter to The Sun, March 2017

[62] Revitalising the NHS? Get rid of the Internal Market
Letter to The Guardian, February 2017

[61] Our oppressive Care Quality Commission: our depressed NHS
Letter to Academy of Fabulous NHS Stuff, February 2017

[60] ‘Stakeholders’ in suicide prevention: isn’t that all of us?
Letter to Chair, Parliamentary Health Select Committee, February 2017

[59] Prevention of Suicide. The crux of personal continuity of care
Letter to Chair, Parliamentary Health Select Committee, January 2017

[58] Dying with, or from, dementia? An important distinction
Letter to Daily Telegraph, December 2016
BMJ Blog, January 2017

[57] Older people often need a different kind of hospital
Letter to Daily Telegraph, December 2016

[56] Our ailing profession: our consequent fractious collegial misunderstandings
Letter in British Journal of General Practice, December 2016

[55] CQC Inspection and closure of my NHS General Practice. Farewell from a long career
Letter to Chief Medical Inspector of Care Quality Commission, November 2016

[54] Price and value in personal care: the planned closure of community pharmacies
Letter to Daily Telegraph, October 2016

[53] Our burgeoning NHS problems are more organisational than financial
Letter to The Observer, September 2016

[52] The doctor is out, but still answering
Letter to The Observer, September 2016

[51] How and why do we retire? Ill omens for younger doctors
BMJ Blog, September 2016

[50] Letter to NHS colleagues, July 2016

[49] Only personally fulfilled practitioners can deliver good personal healthcare
Interview with Independent Age, May 2016

[48] General Practice needs more than recruits and money: we need to refind our vocational attachments
Letter to Daily Telegraph, April 2016

[47] Plummeting morale of junior doctors: one branch of our blighted tree of Welfare
Letter to the Chair of the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges,2016

[46] Can we reduce childhood Sepsis by more vigilant management? I doubt it
BMJ Blog, February 2016

[45] GPs’ demoralisation is due to our loss of human connection
Letter to the BMJ, February 2016

[44] Our demoralised and depersonalised NHS workforce
Letter to Chair of the Parliamentary Health Committee, February 2016

[43] How to make our NHS sustainable? We are losing personal morale and commitment faster than money (re cross-party review)
Letter to Shadow Secretary of State for Health, February 2016

[42] "Airline levels of safety in healthcare"? No, we can't
Letter to The Telegraph, February 2016

[41] How to make our NHS sustainable? We are losing personal moral and commitment faster than money: Letter to ex Health Ministers, January 2016

[40] Flood defences? It is we that need containing
Letter to
The Independent, January

[39] An electronic questionnaire is far from a personal dialogue: Further reflections on professional Appraisals
BMJ Blog, November 2015

[38] Arguments about money are often about much else
BMJ Blog, November 2015

[37] Competence or Compliance? The corrosive cost of professional practitioner Appraisals
BMJ Blog, September 2015

[36] Burgeoning need: collapsing staff morale – the management conundrums of the NHS
Submission to the Secretary of State for Health, 2015

[35] ‘Curing Dementia’: Medical possibility or political rhetoric?
Letter on BMJ Blog, May 2015

[34] In public service we need personal integrity, not personal loyalty
Letter to Daily Telegraph, April 2015

[33] The Extinction of Care by Treatment: Our healthcare’s heart-failure
Letter to BMJ, February 2015

[32] The loss of personal containment in pastoral healthcare
Letter to mental health commissioners, managers and senior practitioners, 2015

[31] NHS Stewardship: the missing personal factor
Letter to the BMJ, 2014

[30] Reclaiming the NHS: Let’s discard the entire Internal Market
Letter to the Guardian, 2014

[29] Repealing the Health and Social Care Act: why stop there?
Letter to Andy Burnham, Shadow Secretary of State for Health, 2014

[28] The death of Robin Williams: can we ‘treat’ our tragic paradoxes?
BMJ Blog, August 2014

[27] Depression needs more than formulaic treatment
BMJ Blog, July 2014

[26] Personal continuity of care in Mental Health Services
Letter to Minister of State for Care and Support. May, 2014

[25] Personal continuity of care in hospitals. Restoring the role of the General Physician
Letter to Secretary of State for Health. January, 2014

[24] Thank Goodness we now have business-sense to safeguard our Welfare
Letter in the Independent, January 2014

[23] Form Devouring Essence: When brokered services tend broken hearts
Letter to Mental Health Colleagues and Managers, January 2014

[22] Dementia is not only (or even) a disease: it is a signal of our community cohesion
Letter in The Telegraph, December 2013

[21] We need an appointment with Dr Finlay
Letter on BMJ blog, December 2013

[20] Qualifications may be less than useful
Letter to The Independent, 2013

[19] Dr Frankenstein’s Reprise: Industrialisation of Personal Healthcare. Adverse effects of sequestered psychiatric in-patient services
An open letter to Medical Directors of services, October 2013

[18] Loneliness in the ailing elderly: social and healthcare responses
Letter to Secretary of State for Health, 2013

[17] Re-establishing personal bonds and understandings in NHS Care Letter to Secretary of State for Health, October 2013

[16] NHS Healthchecks: more automation and less intelligence
Letter to The Times, 2013

[15] Psychiatry? Everyone is right - but not for long
Letter to The Guardian, 2013

[14] The high price of commodified healthcare
Letter in The Guardian, August 2013

[13] How Care Pathways obliterate care: More industrial follies from the NHS
Letter in The Telegraph, July 2013

[12] NHS Savings? Abolish the Internal Market
Letter in The Guardian, July 2013

[11] Physis: healing, growth and the hub of personal continuity of care
A thirty-nine (39) year delayed follow-up correspondence with Sally, June 2013

[10] The rise of business culture in the NHS; our consequent loss of
compassionate healthcare ethos

Letter to The Times, 2013

[9] 'Fixing the NHS is straightforward'. Really?
Letter in the BMJ, March 2013

[8] Balancing healthcare: Technical vs Personal. Local vs Systemic. Closures at Lewisham Hospital
Letter to Joan Ruddock MP and Lord Ara Darzi, February 2013

[7] Continuity of Care: Of course, but whose? A Sleight of Slogans
Letter to Family Doctor Association, 2012

[6] ‘Evidence’ is both more and less than it seems. The rise of scientism and the demise of the personal in healthcare
Letter to the Secretary of State for Health, 2012

[5] Eric: Another victim of Hypertrophic Obstructive Management Coagulopathy
A letter to the Medical Director, South London and Maudsley NHS Trust, June 2012

[4] Further NHS Reforms: inevitable and unintended consequences
Letter to BMJ, May 2012

[3] Commodification, commissioning and commercialisation: the growing threats to personal healthcare
Letter to the Secretary of State for Health, 2012

[2] Five Executive Follies
How commodification imperils compassion in personal healthcare

Submission to Secretary of State for Health, December 2011

[1] Bureaucratyrannohypoxia
An open letter to Mental Health Services Director, September 2010

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