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The Work of W. W. Sawyer

Sawyer’s Vision in Elementary Mathematics

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W. W. Sawyer passes away


Obituary by Bert Speelpenning

Articles by the late W.W. Sawyer

Some Thoughts on Examinations

Things and Unthings - An approach to negative numbers

The Contribution of Music to Mathematical Discovery

Some Thoughts on Education and Mathematics

Saturday Morning Mathematics in Cambridge

Ostwald on Education

The Importance of the Unbelievable

Unwise pressure

Question involving moment function and conjectures.

Recent Concerns

Mathematics, Emotions and Things

Catering for the Extremes

What use are abstract spaces?


A Mathematician's Apology Revisited

Mathematics as History

Oscillation in Systems of Mathematical Education

Two Avenues to Advance in Mathematical Education

A Teaching Experience in the U.S.A.

The "Modern Math" Epoch in the United States.

Dialectic and Logic.

Notes on the Art of Passing Exams

Problems in the teaching of Mathematics (lecture to Indian Mathematical Society.)

Calculus Via Logarithms

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